sideshow is a personal project of mine that started out in the bricks & mortar space & has now morphed here in to the digital space. The concept behind sideshow is that I have met & continue to meet many amazing individuals at their day jobs in our business of advertising & design, only to discover in getting to know them, that they have amazing creative interests they pursue on the side that are well worth bringing to light. At first, whether it was the receptionist at a clothing company or an Executive CD at an ad agency, I wanted to give these individuals a space to show their personal photography work. Now, the mandate of sideshow is to give that receptionist or that ECD a place to showcase their art, no matter what the form it takes.

Long ago, I started out on the fine art side of art, well before I became an agent for advertising, working at a gallery in Los Angeles that brilliantly ran shows of contemporary painting, art films, video art, poetry readings (how I got to meet Bukowski!), conceptual & performance work & beyond. It was a stimulating and freely open format and the curator I worked under was a true Beat spirit from New York. Andy Warhol will always be one of my heroes & I believe that my own interest in curating the important, the funny, the pop, the beautiful or the disruptive is going to be well served by sideshow.

featured artist: Vincent Serritella
day job: Effects Technical Director / Pixar
sideshow: Visual Artist / Painting

artist statement: "Truth or Dare" plays off an age old game that has existed for centuries where a player poses a question and the second player must answer truthfully. If the player chooses "dare", then the first player is given a task. Here the images convey truths and actions where I play the game alone asking the questions and tasking the dares.

In this psychological exploration, I find moments where I've discovered surprises from my subconscious. The black and white aesthetic of this series using acrylic paint on paper reinforces the "truth" or journalistic nature of the imagery. Using humorous, dramatic and cultural references that lay between two-dimensional and three-dimensional planes open the door to my thought process and allow one to look around.

purchase: All original pieces in the sideshow gallery are exclusively found here & are available for purchase, including a limited edition of archival giclée prints. Price list available upon request to

"Nikki & Bullwinkle"
30 x 22.5 inches, acrylic on paper, 2013

"Diamond Girl"
30 x 22.5 inches, acrylic on paper, 2013

"Steak & Eggs"
30 x 22.5 inches, acrylic on paper, 2013

"Tickle Torture"
30 x 22.5 inches, acrylic on paper, 2013

"Knock Out"
30 x 22.5 inches, acrylic on paper, 2013

"Light Headed"
30 x 22.5 inches, acrylic on paper, 2013